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Pascal Sturmfels

Studying computer science at University of Michigan; interests include machine learning in medicine, approximation algorithms, and iOS development.

  1. Concurrent Open Shop Scheduling

    Concurrent open shop scheduling is an NP-hard problem that has applications in industrial manufacturing and cloud computing. My research group and I improved the best-known approximation algorithms for the problem, and tested our algorithms on both randomized data and data from Facebook trace.

  2. The Lair

    The Lair is a website that hosts interactive reanalyses of publicly available RNA-seq data. The analyses are automatically run by a back-end Snakemake buildsystem and performed by kallisto and sleuth. This work was published in an article in BMC Bioinformatics. The website promotes verifiability of RNA-seq experiements.

  3. Sleuth

    Sleuth is an RNA-seq tool to perform differential expression analysis of quantified reads from kallisto and can display the analysis in a web browser using Shiny by RStudio. It uses kallisto's bootstrap estimates to implement novel statistical methods for differential analysis.

  4. Avalanche

    Avalanche was an old flash game in which you played as a marshmallow and jumped on falling blocks while avoiding the rising lava. I'm remaking the game for the iPhone using SpriteKit as my game framework, and using GameKit to track user scores and achievements.

  5. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse is a peer-to-peer microblogging app for the iPhone. It is designed to provide local and anonymous communication that is censorship-resistant. This project is sponsored by the University of Michigan.