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Pascal Sturmfels

Studying computer science at University of Michigan; interests include machine learning in medicine, approximation algorithms, and iOS development.


Anonymouse Icon Anonymouse is a peer-to-peer microblogging app for the iPhone. It is designed to provide local and anonymous communication that is censorship and network-blogging resistant – it does so by leveraging an ad-hoc network implemented with the iOS Multipeer Connectivity framework. Since it leverages peer-to-peer wifi, the app can communicate other, nearby phones without cellular service or infrastructure wifi.

You can check out the Anonymouse homepage for more information or the Anonymouse repo for the source code.

The app has two main purposes. Its first purpose is as a local social-media app that works without network service. Its second purpose is to serve as a way to spread delay-tolerant messages in places where networks are being blocked or censored, or where natural disasters have wiped out infrastructure network towers.

When I was working on this project, I was the primary iOS developer. I designed the app’s interface and functionality, from the persistent storage support to the connection protocols.

Although I am no longer a part of this project, it is ongoing; the app is still in development. It is sponsored by the University of Michigan’s Multidisciplinary Design Program. The faculty mentor is Robert Dick.